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Personalized Mail™ Overview of Changes Print

Details on service and price changes for Personalized MailTM effective January 13, 2020 and other recent or upcoming changes

The details in this "Overview of Changes" is for information purposes only and should not be regarded or relied upon as legal advice or opinion. While no substantial changes other than those noted in this Overview of Changes are anticipated, we continue to review and update the Customer Guides.

Customers mailing with Canada Post must refer to the applicable General Terms and Conditions at

  • For Customers without a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement, or
  • For Customers with a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement

2020 Personalized Mail Price Sheet

There will be price increases introduced on January 13, 2020. Refer to the 2020 Personalized Mail Price Sheet at Only the non-contracted Price Sheet is available online.

Qualifying customers may have access to lower prices by signing an Agreement. To obtain further details, contact the Commercial Service Network at 1 866 757 5480.

2020 Personalized Mail Customer Guide

The 2020 version of the Personalized Mail Customer Guide will be posted at on November 18, 2019.

Effective January 1, 2020

New flat rate pricing for Smartmail Marketing targeting attributes

Reaching the right prospect with a Personalized Mail or Postal Code Targeting campaign just got easier. You can now create your audience using four simple price points and avoid the hassle of adding up the cost of various attributes.

  • Simple selections: four flat rate price points for easier management of your marketing budget
    • Standard Consumer Audience List $70/thousand
    • Premium Consumer Audience List $150/thousand
    • Business Audience List $100/thousand
    • Premium PCT Audience List $25/thousand
  • Enhanced value: you can bundle targeting attributes to maximize campaign effectiveness without worrying about cost

Effective January 13, 2020

Reducing price on Special Handling phantom items

Canada Post will make the Personalized Mail Special Handling category even more convenient and accessible to customers with smaller mailings by reducing the phantom pricing applied when minimum volumes per deposit cannot be met. The current minimum deposit for Personalized Mail Special Handling is 1,000 items. Refer to the 2020 Personalized Mail price sheet for details.

Eliminating the fee for the Return to Sender option

To add value to Personalized Mail and reduce mail on hold, we are eliminating the fee for the Return to Sender (RPG - Return Postage Guaranteed) option. When Return to Sender is identified on the mail item but not declared on the Statement of Mailing (Order), it results in mail on hold due to insufficient payment for RPG. Eliminating the fee will result in an improved customer experience at the time of induction.

There is no change to the process for customers requiring this service. The correct indicia must still be applied, however no fee will be associated with its use.

Reduced pricing for postage meter usage

Standard Machineable Personalized Mail items up to 50 g will change by introducing separate Meter and Postal Indicia prices:

  • Postal Indicia prices will increase from $0.485 to $0.495
  • Meter prices will increase from $0.485 to $0.49

The new Postage Meter pricing will support small and mid-size businesses by increasing access to Personalized Mail.

When using meter as a method of payment for Standard Machineable Personalized Mail items up to 50 g, customers are not required to create an Order in our Electronic Shipping Tools (EST).

Aligning item level surcharges

Over the past year, customers and the mail industry have invested effort to improve the quality of mail deposited at Canada Post. As a result, we are removing the item level $0.10 surcharge fee, and will align all item level surcharges to $0.05 effective January 13, 2020. Canada Post sincerely thanks our customers and partners for their ongoing efforts to produce quality mailings, and we will continue to evaluate remaining item level surcharges in 2020.

We would like to remind all customers that missing paperwork is still a large contributor to mailing delays at deposit. Please ensure copies of the Order (Statement of Mailing) are with each deposit, and/or the Statement of Mailing number is printed on shipping unit labels.

Importance of proper container fill

To help ensure safe handling and protect items from damage, we remind you not overfill containers. We recommend 2 inches of space be left in a container to allow an operator to remove the mail. A simple way to test this is to tilt the Letterflatainer (LFT) on an angle so that the envelopes gravitate downwards, when about 2 inches remain, the container is at capacity.


Enhancement to improve the customer experience at time of mailing

To help resolve the delays caused by missing copies of the Order (Statement of Mailing / SOM) when customers deposit their mailing, we remind customers that all labels for containers, monotainers and pallets should include the Order (SOM) number. This solution allows our employees to reprint the SOM and accept the mailing, provided the SOM has been transmitted by the customer. This applies to Postal Code Targeting, Personalized Mail, Neighbourhood Mail, Publications Mail and Incentive Lettermail.

Overview of Changes (OOC) posted October 28, 2019