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Personalized Mail™ Overview of Changes Print

Details on service and price changes for Personalized MailTM effective January 14, 2019 and other recent or upcoming changes

The details in this "Overview of Changes" is for information purposes only and should not be regarded or relied upon as legal advice or opinion. While no substantial changes other than those noted in this Overview of Changes are anticipated, we continue to review and update the Customer Guides.

Customers mailing with Canada Post must refer to the applicable General Terms and Conditions at

  • For Customers without a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement, or
  • For Customers with a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement

2019 Personalized Mail Price Sheet

There will be price increases introduced on January 14, 2019. Refer to the 2019 Personalized Mail Price Sheet at Only the non-contracted Price Sheet is available online.

Qualifying customers may have access to lower prices by signing an Agreement. To obtain further details, contact the Commercial Service Network at 1 866 757 5480.

2019 Personalized Mail Customer Guide

The 2019 version of the Personalized Mail Customer Guide will be posted at on November 16, 2018.

Effective January 14, 2019

Minimum volume requirement for Machineable Mail will be reduced from 400 to 100 items

Trigger-based marketing is an advertising tactic that focuses on leads resulting from a customer’s previous action (website or store visit, cart abandonment, follow up to a direct mail item).

To support this marketing approach, effective January 14, 2019, the minimum volume requirement for Machineable Mail will be reduced from 400 to 100 items per mailing for Personalized Mail (including mini-catalogues), Postal Code Targeting and Publications Mail. Phantom pricing will apply when mailing less than 100 items.

New lower price for the Personalized Mail Machineable mini-catalogue up to 50 g

Coming soon: Try a Personalized Mail mini-catalogue and save $0.02 per item.

The machineable mini-catalogue is an acquisition and retention tool ideal for e-commerce companies. The mini-catalogue is a cost-effective way to drive online and in-store sales and cut mail and production costs without sacrificing circulation or frequency.

Mini-catalogues may be designed as self-mailers or inserted into envelopes. They’re defined as printed matter with a list of items for sale containing item descriptions, item numbers and/or prices. A mini-catalogue must contain a minimum of eight pages or panels (may include coupons or special offers) and meet Machineable Standard Personalized Mail requirements.

Enhancements to improve the customer experience at time of mailing

To improve the customer experience and help avoid delaying or detaining the mail at the time of deposit, we will be implementing two solutions for missing paperwork:

Missing Sample

If a sample of your item is missing at the time of deposit, the customer agrees that one sample will be removed from the mailing for Canada Post’s records and verification purposes.

Missing Order (Statement of Mailing/SOM)

To help resolve the delays caused by missing copies of the Order (Statement of Mailing / SOM) when customers deposit their mailing, we recommend that all labels for containers, monotainers and pallets include the Order (SOM) number. This solution allows our employees to reprint the SOM and accept the mailing, provided the SOM has been transmitted by the customer.

Changes and enhancements introduced in 2018

Redesigned Machineable Mail Advisor tool

The Machineable Mail Advisor tool helps mailers meet our machineable mail requirements (e.g. addressing, postage zone and graphic placement) to avoid unnecessary delays when depositing mail. The redesigned tool displays the information in a decision-tree format and provides self-mailer, horizontal and vertical address-oriented templates for all services and formats. Visit

Contract expiry warning added to EST (Desktop, EOE, EST Online)

To avoid potential issues at time of mailing, all versions of EST now provide a warning when creating an Order that will advise the customer if one or more of the services that are part of their contract will expire soon. The message displays as One or more services on this contract will expire on YYYY/MM/DD.

Overview of changes posted October 10, 2018