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  • Accurate

    Get the address right every time

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  • Fast

    Fill out address forms automatically

  • Affordable

    Pay just pennies to verify an address

  • Validate addresses in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

Harness the power of an accurate address.

AddressComplete™ is an address validation service that you add to your website or application. It verifies each address as it’s entered and populates address forms automatically.

Try it out

Type an address into our demo form and see how AddressComplete works. Go to demo form.

AddressComplete makes your business more efficient:

  • Your customer gets a superior online shopping experience: quicker checkout and delivery.
  • You save on return costs from incorrect addresses. Deliveries and letters get to the right destination the first time.
  • You get more time for your customers. You’ll spend less time gathering data.
  • Addresses are checked instantly upon entry. You don’t have to clean your database after the fact.

Get a competitive advantage. Use AddressComplete to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Easy to install

Our wizard will guide you. You don’t need any web development skills or to buy software. All you have to do is copy and paste some code into your website.

Validates Canadian, U.S. and international addresses

AddressComplete automatically detects the user’s country and tailors the address lookup accordingly.

Supports special characters and alphabets

If your system can’t process non-Latin characters such as Greek or Cyrillic text, AddressComplete can convert these addresses to English.

Allows customization

You can tailor how AddressComplete appears on your website or application.

Provides insight and control

Control your installation of AddressComplete with our dashboard. Get usage stats, set restrictions for who can use it and fine tune your settings.

Leverage our addressing expertise

Canada Post is the authority on addressing and address data. AddressComplete is the only solution that can:

  • Access the Canada Post proprietary point-of-call database. You get complete addresses that include suite numbers, apartments and rural routes.
  • Identify deliverable addresses. We save you money on unnecessary deliveries. Avoid addresses that exist, but have no occupants, such as a condo boardroom or gym.

Watch a demo

See AddressComplete in action.

Pricing and how to buy

  • Sign up for our free trial.
  • Let our wizard guide you: simply copy and paste our code into your website.
  • Test it out for a free 2-week trial. You’ll get 100 free lookups per day.

Once your free trial is over, continue using AddressComplete for just pennies a lookup – from 6¢ to 10¢, depending on the pricing plan you choose.

How pricing works

  • Buy a plan for as a low as $100.
  • We’ll debit your account each time someone looks up a confirmed address on your website/application.
  • You have control: decide who uses your account, set daily limits, and choose when to top up your account.

Pay by credit card or by account. To pay by account, contact your Canada Post sales representative or contact us.

Pricing plans

Low volume

$100 plans
Total lookups 1,000
Cost per lookup 10¢

$240 plan
Total lookups 2,500
Cost per lookup 9.5¢

$450 plan
Total lookups 5,000
Cost per lookup

$850 plan
Total lookups 10,000
Cost per lookup 8.5¢

$2,000 plan
Total lookups 25,000
Cost per lookup

Total lookups 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
Cost per lookup 10¢ 9.5¢ 8.5¢


High volume

$3,750 plan
Total lookups 50,000
Cost per lookup 7.5¢

$7,000 plan
Total lookups 100,000
Cost per lookup

$16,250 plan
Total lookups 250,000
Cost per lookup 6.5¢

Custom plan
Need more than 250,000 lookups a year? Contact us

Total lookups 50,000 100,000 250,000 Need more than 250,000 lookups a year? Contact us
Cost per lookup 7.5¢ 6.5¢

All plans are valid for 12 months or until credit is exhausted, whichever occurs first.

  • E-commerce

    Reduce cart abandonment: speed customers through the checkout.

  • Call centres

    Decrease customer wait times: get customer data quickly and accurately.

  • Banks & finance

    Avoid manual errors: save time spent on data entry.

  • Shipping & fulfillment

    Reduce returns: save money on re-delivery costs.

  • Point of sale

    Use it anywhere: gather addresses at retail outlets or tradeshow kiosks.

  • Custom office applications

    Keep customer databases accurate: make your back-office applications run smoothly.