Personalized Mail (formerly Addressed AdmailTM)

Advertising your customers read

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  • Customers read it

    87% of Canadians open addressed mail

  • Use lists wisely

    Target top customers to boost profits

  • Grow your base

    Send traffic to bricks and to clicks

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective Admail rates suit your bottom line

Watch sales rise when you reach customers through the mailbox

Canada Post Personalized Mail™ service is the cost-effective way to market to your existing customers with offers that appeal to their personal needs and interests. It’s also a smart way to acquire new customers through rented lists — after all, the mailbox is Canada’s favourite way to receive promotional messages.

Get results from your marketing dollars

Strong return on investment

Direct mail’s response rate is 30 times higher1 than email and it’s immediate, with nearly 7 out of 10 Canadians reading2 their mail right away.

It also delivers long-tail sales. Your card or flyer can sit on a desk or on the fridge until the recipient feels ready to buy or donate.

Manage costs

You’ll enjoy impressive savings based on the volume of your mailing, dimension choices and whether it can be processed by our mail machines.

Measure your success

Count the coupons redeemed (in store or online). Include a unique QR code or URL for mobile and website visits that show how well your mail piece worked.

1Direct Marketing Association, Bizo, Epsilon, 2012
2Epsilon Targeting - ICOM Consumer Channel Preference Study, 2010

Get the most out of your customer list

Target intelligently

Does your in-house customer list show that some customers spend more at certain times of the year? Then send those customers a targeted special offer at just the right moment to get their business.

Find new customers

Rent one of our Canada Complete mailing lists or use our licensed data products to build new customer lists based on geography, business type, age, income and more. And you can exclude current customers from acquisition mailings.

Rebuild your email list

Reach out through the mailbox to comply with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL). Direct mail is one of the best ways to retain and build your email lists without risking fines under the new law.

Get creative

Your imagination is the limit

Interesting die-cut shapes, scented mail, cards, oversized cards, letters — there’s something for every mix of budget, message and design.

You can do it yourself

Use our online templates to create cards and envelopes that take advantage of the savings you enjoy with machineable mail.

Get some help

Access the kind of expertise that’s usually reserved for larger businesses. Our expert Smartmail Marketing™(direct mail) providers can handle as much of your campaign as you need. They can help give your promotional mailing the most impact at the best possible rate.

Delivery guidelines

Expect to see your mail delivered within:

Local 3 business days
Within province 4 to 5 business days
National 4 to 8 business days*
LocalWithin provinceNational
3 business days 4 to 5 business days 4 to 8 business days*

Start counting on the first business day after dropping off your items. Note that distance and weather may affect delivery times.

* Excludes non-major urban centres, northern regions and remote areas.


What you’ll pay depends on:

  • The size and weight of your mail piece.
  • The way your mailing is sorted.
  • Whether our machines can process the mailing.

See the full range of Personalized Mail prices.

How to buy

You’ll need a Canada Post business account number to use Personalized Mail services.

Small business

It’s easy to create your Personalized Mail Statement of Mailing and pay online with our Electronic Shipping Tools.

Don’t have a Canada Post business account number yet? Get one by joining Solutions for Small Business™. It's free and gives business owners access to time-saving tools and value-added offers that can help you work more productively and profitably.

Large volume business customers

Contact your sales representative or call 1-866-511-3136 for more details.


Get the best price by making sure that your Personalized Mail mailing:

  • Contains a promotional message.
  • Is going to over 500 Canadian addresses if machineable.
  • Is going to over 1,000 Canadian addresses if Special Handling.
  • Meets size and weight specifications.
  • Is addressed according to our placement and formatting needs.
  • Is organized according to the sorting method you used to price your mailing.

Learn more about Personalized Mail specifications.

Canada Post’s Addressed Admail service (now called Personalized Mail) connects us with our customers in a personalized way.

James Positano, Porter Airlines.

  • Your brain likes to get physical

    Customers remember advertising they’ve handled and read better than messages on a screen.

  • Machineable makes sense

    It gives you the best price and saves sorting time. 

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Your marketing stands out in the mailbox, compared to a crowded email inbox.