Business Reply Mail

Increases responses, convenient for your customers and you only pay when they reply

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  • Better response rate

    Customers like the ease and lack of cost

  • Increase revenue

    More responses means more sales

  • Customers trust mail

    It’s a secure way to send personal data

  • Pay per reply

    Only pay when customers take action

Increase response rates and boost sales

Business Reply Mail™ is an effective way to hear from existing customers and increase your customer base during acquisition mail campaigns. Business reply cards and envelopes increase response rates and help reinforce your communications — and you only pay postage when customers send in their responses.

  • Your recipients are 30 times* more likely to respond to physical mail than an email. It’s even higher when you have a pre-existing relationship with customers.
  • It physically reminds customers to pay a bill, renew a subscription, make a donation or fill out an application.
  • Your customers won’t need a stamp, making a response that much easier.

*2012 Response Rate Report, Direct Marketing Association


Enjoy big savings

Reduce your postage costs by up to more than 50% if your Business Reply Mail pieces are machineable. Use our online artwork tool to create your mail piece to meet specifications.

Give customers privacy

Give your customers a secure choice — an envelope for sending confidential information on applications, payments and donations.

Create Business Reply Mail artwork online

Our free Business Reply Mail artwork tool makes it easy to create printer-ready artwork.

Receive responses from customers after you’ve moved

Business Reply Mail items that can’t be delivered to your original return address will be forwarded at no extra charge if your Mail Forwarding™ request is in effect.

NOTE: Get detailed size and weight specifications for Business Reply Mail.

Get professional help with your mailing

Whether you need help with one aspect or the entire mailing process, use our Smartmail Marketing™ Partner Directory to find an expert direct mail service professional.

Delivery guidelines

Expect to see your mail delivered within:

Local 2 business days
Within province 3 business days
National 4 or more business days
LocalWithin provinceNational
2 business days 3 business days 4 or more business days

Note: distance and weather may affect delivery times.

You can start counting on the first business day after your customer drops the reply item in the mail.


Pay just $690 a year for each unique Business Reply Mail service* return address, plus postage for each reply.

Find exact Business Reply Mail postage rates.

*$690 annual fee for Business Reply Mail within Canada, $690 annual fee for Business Reply Mail from international destinations.

How to buy

Contact your Canada Post representative or call 1-866-757-5480 to set up your Business Reply Mail agreement.

If you want to receive replies at more than 1 address, you’ll need a separate Business Reply Mail agreement for each unique return address.

  • Get the best price

    Save postage by size, weight and whether mail piece can be sorted by our machines.

  • Track response rates

    Include a unique title, first line or campaign ID to track responses for individual campaigns.

  • Improve customer convenience

    Give your customers web or email access to print their own postage-paid labels.

  • Build your brand

    Customize certain parts of your return mail with your own pictures and targeted messages.

  • Make it leak-proof

    Commercial mailers can produce plastic envelopes if you need leak-proof reply mail.

  • Keep your valuable contact list intact

    Get responses without risking online access to customers under Canada’s new anti-spam law (CASL).