Data Management Services

Data hygiene is an important step in Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ solutions. Save money on mailings by cleaning your database to reduce undeliverable mail and get more insight from your data.

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  • Improve accuracy

    Ensure your mail reaches recipients

  • Save money

    Spend less on mailing with clean lists

  • Boost ROI

    Make your direct mail campaigns more effective.

  • Extract intelligence

    Gain business insights from your data

Get the best return on your investment in data

Canada Post Data Management Services correct and enhance the data hygiene of your mailing list. Start with Address Accuracy and then select additional data cleansing features to suit your business needs and budget.

Address Accuracy

This address hygiene service corrects, completes and standardizes the format of the mailing addresses on your list. When your addresses are accurate, more of your mail can be delivered properly the first time.

  • Receive a statement of accuracy report that you can submit with your Personalized Mail™ (formerly Addressed Admail™), Publications Mail™ and Incentive Lettermail™ campaigns.
  • The report includes detailed information about how many addresses were corrected and what was wrong, so you can gain insight into your data.

Add the full suite of services for maximum benefit

Choose to add more data cleansing features to the Address Accuracy service or select them all to ensure your list is as clean, accurate and complete as possible.

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) identification: Flags people and businesses on your list that have moved in the last 72 months so you can mail to their current address.
  • Suite infill: Only available from Canada Post. Adds missing suite numbers to addresses in multi-unit buildings to reduce undeliverable mail.
  • Name and address validation: Only available from Canada Post. Confirms that the person or business name on your list currently receives mail at this address.
  • De-duplication: Flags multiple records for the same person, or multiple people at the same address, so you don’t waste money mailing to the same person twice.
  • Deceased suppression: This service flags people who have passed away so you can remove them from your list or address mail to "current occupant" instead.
  • Suppress CMA “do not contact” list: Flags people who have registered with the Canadian Marketing Association to stop receiving unsolicited mail. Helps you focus your resources on mailing to more receptive prospects.
  • Rural to civic conversion: Helps identify rural addresses that have been converted to civic addressing. Re-connect with existing rural customers in your database by receiving its new corresponding civic address.

Smartmail Marketing™ uses accurate, complete data to improve your return on investment

Our Data Management Services can cost as little as pennies per record – very little compared to the expense of undeliverable mail. You’ll spend at least $1 per piece on a typical direct mail campaign and undeliverable parcels can be costly. Good address hygiene gets your mail into the right hands the first time.

Why choose Canada Post Data Management Services?

Canada Post knows addresses better than anyone else so we can offer you more than other data cleaning services.

  • We provide the most complete suite of services.
  • Only Canada Post offers suite infill and name and address validation.
  • Our extra pre-formatting work may increase results.
  • The detailed reports we provide offer greater insight into your data.

Pricing and how to buy

Your price will vary depending on the size of your list and the number of data cleaning features you select. Contact us or call 1-877-281-4137 to discuss your needs and get a quote.

How it works:

  1. Our experts will discuss your needs and provide pricing.
  2. We’ll send you a contract based on your needs.
  3. Send us your list through our secure FTP site.
  4. We’ll send back the clean list and a detailed report in 5 to7 business days.
  5. We then securely destroy our copy of the list.

Terms and conditions

  • Reduce undeliverable mail and save money

    It costs less to mail to a list that’s 95% accurate. Plus you’ll pay for less returned mail.

  • Expand the benefits of clean data beyond campaigns

    Share your clean list with other departments, such as customer service and accounts receivable.

  • Gain insight and extract business intelligence

    More complete and accurate data helps you profile customers better.

  • Use the report to improve business processes

    Patterns of inaccuracy in your data may expose opportunities to improve the way you collect data.

  • Ensure your list is fresh

    Quickly identify a stale customer list.