epost Connect

Securely send and receive sensitive digital files

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  • Secure

    Canadian servers and file encryption

  • Efficient

    Deliver multiple large files instantly

  • Versatile

    Use for bulk delivery or collaboration

  • Universal

    Browser-based platform anyone can access

  • Safely move documents of all sizes and formats

Send your large and confidential files with bank-grade security

The epost Connect™ service is a way for large business and government organizations to securely send confidential digital messages and documents with bank-grade encryption.

epost Connect offers 2 services: Bulk Distribution and Collaboration. Choose one or both options, depending on your organization’s requirements. 

Your customers or recipients access documents and files sent through epost Connect from the secure and trusted epost™ platform.

epost Connect Bulk Distribution

Need to send large commercial invoice files to multiple clients? Use epost Connect Bulk Distribution to send all file types, including executable and ZIP files, of up to 1 GB each.

Securely deliver files that include:

  • Bills and invoices
  • Account statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Legal documents
  • Database files

An email notification lets your recipients know their files are ready to make response time faster. All processes can be automated, including file sending, receiving, extraction and tracking.

epost Connect Collaboration

Need various parties to review, revise or approve a set of architectural drawings? Require multiple inputs for a legal contract?

Use epost Connect Collaboration for a secure online environment to collaborate and converse with clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

epost Connect Collaboration lets you instantly share any type of files up to 1 GB for interactive one-to-one communication. It lets you:

  • Control who can view files and join the discussion with up to 2,000 participants.
  • Keep a threaded record of conversations for your archives.
  • Use digital signing features.

Track messages and documents through every step of the process, so you always know the status of your collaboration initiatives.


Both epost Connect services offer unique features that allow you to deliver critical documents with confidence.

Bank-grade level security

Connect protects your data with impressive privacy and security features. Along with bank-grade encryption we:

  • Require all users to have user IDs and authenticate themselves.
  • Give Electronic Postmark™ to received files.
  • Are certified to handle information designated with Protected B classification by the Treasury Board of Canada, meaning we’re able to safeguard confidential data.
  • Store data on Canadian servers, so it’s not subject to intrusive foreign privacy laws.

A cost-effective choice

epost Connect saves money by reducing your operating costs.  It can help your budget because it:

  • Costs less than producing and delivering physical documents
  • Offers a pay-per-usage structure, which for most organizations is more cost-effective than building an internal system
  • Has a higher recipient uptake than other delivery methods for faster response

Easily accessible and simple to use

epost Connect operates from your browser, so there’s no user compatibility issues or conflicts with internal security systems.

Users access it from epost, a platform millions of Canadian already know and trust for the online management of their personal bills and statements.

Pricing and how to buy

Costs for epost Connect Bulk Distribution or epost Connect Collaboration services vary based on term of the contract, storage used and transaction volume or licence fees.

Pricing for Bulk distribution accounts start as low as $1.50/transaction with a commitment of 1,000 transactions. Collaboration licensing begins at $35/month for 1-24 licenses. Storage capacity rates vary by usage.

For more pricing options have an epost Connect client service representative contact you.

  • Send any file

    Send file types that email firewalls usually reject, such as executable (exe.) files.

  • Enjoy unique protection

    The only service protected under the Canada Post Corporation Act and Criminal Code of Canada.

  • Know it’s fully compliant

    epost Connect undergoes security compliance audits as required by our clients.

  • Choose flexible implementation

    Get a temporary outbound File Transfer Protocol (FTP) solution during your IT approval process.

  • Converse confidentially

    Discuss sensitive and confidential projects without risk of email vulnerabilities.