epost Connect

Securely send and receive your sensitive digital files

  • The convenience of digital. Secure enough for Government of Canada Protected B documents.

Share large, confidential files outside organization firewalls

epost Connect™ security controls support the processing of Protected B documents as defined by the Treasury Board of Canada. Send your confidential digital messages and documents to other departments and businesses – securely.

epost Connect Bulk Distribution

Need to send, receive and track large volumes of electronic files? Automate all processes with epost Connect Bulk Distribution, including file sending, receiving, extraction and tracking.

Securely deliver files, machine-to-machine, including:

  • Bills and invoices
  • Account statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Legal documents
  • Database files

It handles all file types, including executable and ZIP files, of up to 1 GB each.

epost Connect Collaboration

Keep control when you need to share sensitive documents like financial or health records outside your organization. You can:

  • Manage who can see files or join the discussion (up to 5,000 participants).
  • Attach multiple 1 GB files in a single message.
  • Track messages and documents, for easy status updates.
  • Keep a threaded record of conversations for your archives.

Security features

epost Connect’s privacy and security features mean you can deliver critical documents with confidence. They include:

  • Security controls support the processing of Protected B documents.
  • All users must authenticate themselves and have user IDs.
  • Encrypted at rest and in transmission using a 256 bit AES encryption key.
  • All data stored within epost Connect stays within Canada’s virtual borders.

Reduce operating costs

epost Connect can help your budget because it:

  • Costs less than producing and delivering physical documents.
  • Is pay-per-use, usually more cost-effective than building an internal system.
  • Has a higher recipient uptake than other delivery methods, for faster response.

Simple to use

Because it operates from your browser, there are no user compatibility issues or conflicts with internal security systems.

Pricing and how to buy

Costs are based on the term of the contract, storage used and transaction volume or licence fees.

  • Collaboration licensing begins at $35/month/licence.
  • Pricing for Bulk Distribution accounts start as low as $1.50/transaction with a commitment of 1,000 transactions.
  • Storage capacity rates vary by usage.

For more pricing options have an epost Connect client service representative contact you.

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  • Protected B Documents

    Federal government departments can send sensitive Protected B documents securely.

  • Send any file type

    Send file types that email firewalls usually reject, such as executable (exe.) files.