Registered Mail

Get a signature to prove it arrived — and track your mail along the way

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  • Budget smart

    Tracking and sign-on-delivery for less

  • Flat rate

    One price anywhere in Canada

  • Know who received it

    Go online and see who signed for it

  • Peace of mind

    Use it for important documents

  • Registered. Delivered. Signed. Get proof that your mail arrived.

Know when it got there and who signed for it

Registered Mail™ gives you proof that a letter has been delivered, tracking and a signature on delivery.


You can register letters being mailed to Canadian destinations. These features are included in the basic price:

  • Proof of delivery.
  • Signature of recipient (view online).
  • Full tracking.
  • Dated receipt confirms mail was registered if you purchase the service from a retail postal outlet.
  • Liability insurance coverage of up to $100.
  • Return to sender if item is undeliverable.
  • Mail Forwarding™ service if recipient has purchased this option.

Signature on delivery

You’ll get the time your item was delivered and the signature of the person who received it. See the signature online, usually by noon the following business day.

Receipt of mailing

Get proof of mail registration when you pay at a post office. Businesses that prepay receive a detachable tracking number.

Tracking included

Both sender and recipient can track Registered Mail’s delivery progress using a unique tracking number, including from Canada Post’s convenient mobile app.

Please note we do not have tracking information for Registered Mail sent to Canada from the U.S. or internationally. Try contacting the sender or the post office in the originating country.

Value-added options

For an additional fee you can also choose:

  • A hard copy of the recipient’s signature.
  • Additional liability coverage of up to $5,000.

Business friendly

Add Registered Mail to your parcel mix and you can save money on small packages that fit the size and weight requirements for Lettermail.


Use it for small packages

If you are shipping smaller items out of province and speed isn’t an issue — but tracking is important — consider using Registered Mail. You’ll enjoy tracking, liability insurance, plus the bonus of signature on delivery.

Save up to 25% on base postage

Take advantage of your business’ meter or indicia postage to save even more on basic Lettermail rates.

Save time

No need for a trip to the post office. If you have a contract with Canada Post, you can order and print Registered Mail labels with our online tools.

Delivery guidelines

Expect to see your mail delivered within:

Local 2 business days
Within province 3 business days
National 4 business days
U.S. Xpresspost™ – USA service
International 4 to 7 business days*
LocalWithin provinceNationalU.S.International

2 business days

3 business days

4 business days

Xpresspost™ – USA service

4 to 7 business days*

Start counting on the first business day after buying and mailing your piece of Registered Mail. Note that distance and weather may affect delivery times.

*International delivery estimates depend on the destination country’s postal service.

Pricing and how to buy

To Canadian destinations

Buy Registered Mail service at any post office. If you have a business number with Canada Post, you can order and print Registered Mail labels using our online tools.

It costs $9 to register a piece of mail with a Canadian destination, in addition to the normal postage price.

To U.S. destinations

When you need proof of receipt for a U.S. destination, use our Xpresspost™ – USA service.

To international destinations

When you want to send Registered Mail to an international destination, buy an Advice of Receipt card at the post office.

  • Proof of registration

    Receive a stamped, registered receipt when you buy Registered Mail postage at a post office.

  • Less expensive small tracked packet option

    You may save on tracking and other options by using Registered Mail’s flat fee with small parcels.