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Manage your returns online: create labels, get forecasts and track your returns

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  • Convenient

    Set up returns in minutes

  • Manage inventory

    Get return forecasts to help you plan

  • Easy access

    Enhance shopper loyalty

  • Email updates

    Track returns in transit

  • Let shoppers get parcel return labels online or at a post office

Manage your parcel returns online

Provide your customers with convenient returns. Use our free online tool, My Returns.

  • Create and manage your parcel return preferences online.
  • Allow your customers to get return labels online or at a post office.
  • Manage and understand your return traffic with our 5-day return forecast.
  • Get tracking updates for your returns by email.

Before you start

To use My Returns, you’ll need to do one of the following:

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How My Returns works

Create a parcel return policy online and your shoppers will be able to print return labels from our website or at more than 6,200 post offices. Your policies are activated almost immediately and require no website integration. You are only billed when a return label is used by your shopper.

  1. Create a parcel return policy online.
  2. Customize your policy to define:
    • Where your customers can retrieve their return labels (online and/or at any post office).
    • The destination address for your returns.
    • What shipping service you want to use.
    • Your return authorization requirements, if you have any.
    • Pickup options and more.
  3. Email your customers a link so they can print a return label right from our website, or instructions for getting a label at a post office.

Get estimates of your expected returns

My Returns provides 5-day forecasts to help you plan for upcoming parcel returns. The forecasts are a combined estimate of all of your expected returns.

Other return services

Integrate returns into your e-commerce site

Add returns web services to your e-commerce platform.

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Send parcel return labels with your shipments

If you use our desktop shipping application, EST 2.0, you can create a parcel return label and include it in your outbound shipment.

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  • Manage your returns online

    My Returns lets you create labels, get forecasts and track your returns.

  • Give your shoppers options

    Your customers can get their parcel return labels online or at any of our 6,200 post offices.

  • Keep track of your inventory

    5-day return forecast lets you manage inventory.