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  • Send and receive money worldwide and pay your bills easily.

Transfer funds with MoneyGram and postal Money Orders

Canada Post offers 2 ways to transfer funds and make bill payments: MoneyGram™ and postal Money Orders.

Use MoneyGram electronic money transfers at any Canada Post location to quickly send money locally or overseas. Funds can arrive in as little as 10 minutes, with low fees and great exchange rates. You can also pay your bills with the same day or next day bill payment services.

Postal Money Orders are certified cashable documents sent through the mail that allow you to transfer funds or make payments or purchases. You can send funds securely locally or internationally and pay for bills and services.

MoneyGram electronic money transfer service

Send money safely and quickly to loved ones abroad with MoneyGram electronic money transfer. You can also make easy same day or next day bill payments with the MoneyGram bill payment service. Both MoneyGram services are available at over 6,300 convenient post office locations across Canada.

MoneyGram money transfer service

Send money safely in minutes to and from over 334,000 locations in over 190 countries worldwide.

  • It’s convenient. Send money to a receiving agent or directly to a bank account.
  • Low fees and great exchange rates.1
  • It's quick. Your money arrives in as little as 10 minutes.2

MoneyGram bill payment service

Pay for utilities8, phone services and more with same day or next day service.

  • Same day bill payment is a premium service that notifies the billing company of customer payment in minutes.7
  • Next day bill payment is a lower priced bill payment option if you don’t need payment to be received as quickly.7
  • Proof of payment guaranteed.7
  • Low flat fees start at $3.99.3
  • Biller8 notified in as little as 10 minutes.3
  • View available billers.

Learn more about how to pay your bills through MoneyGram.

How to buy and pricing

You can purchase MoneyGram services at more than 6,300 post offices across Canada. Visit any Canada Post location to sign up and use the service.

You can also join the MoneyGramPlus program and get access to the mobile app, instant receipts, special offers and a monthly e-newsletter and statement.5

Payments can be made with cash or by debit card.

See for a list of direct to bank account countries.1

Worldwide money transfer
Same day
bill payment6
Next day
bill payment6
Low fees and exchange rates
Prices starting at $9.993
Prices starting at $3.993
More information
Calculate the fees for destination
Biller7 notified in as little as 10 minutes1
Payment received next day
Service Price More information
Worldwide money transfer Low fees and exchange rates Calculate the fees for destination
Same day
bill payment6
Prices starting at $9.993 Biller7 notified in as little as 10 minutes1

Next day
bill payment6

Prices starting at $3.993

Payment received next day

For details on pricing, visit MoneyGram.

Terms and Conditions

1 See for a list of direct to bank account countries.
2 Subject to agent operating hours, availability and locals laws and regulations.
3 Price subject to change without notice. In addition to a transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may apply.
4 Price subject to change without notice. 
5 Only person to person transfers originating in Canada with a valid MoneyGram Rewards membership number are eligible for rewards purposes. Other benefits, limitations and restrictions apply; see full program rules for details.
6 Guarantee based on MoneyGram payment notification to the biller. Actual payment to biller based on contract terms. Service levels subject to cut-off times and vary by biller, are in business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Actual payment posting time/availability determined by biller. Not all billers available. 
7 Payment notification may be available in 10 minutes except Next-Day Service.
8 Not all billers available.

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Postal Money Orders

A secure, convenient and simple way to send cash

A postal Money Order is a certified, cashable document guaranteed by Canada Post. It’s a safe and worry-free way to send money. Send a postal Money Order by mail to pay bills such as utilities or telephone services, or to make a financial or retail purchase.

How to buy and pricing

Buy a postal Money Order at any post office across Canada. Find your nearest Post Office.

The cost of purchasing a postal Money Order depends on its destination. You can buy up to $999.99 per postal Money Order in Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars. You’ll need to provide the sender (person or business) and payee (person or business) information to buy a postal Money Order.

Service guarantee

At Canada Post, we offer a service guarantee to refund lost, destroyed or uncashed Money Orders after 45 days (some conditions apply). Refunds must be requested by the purchaser. Learn more about postal Money Orders.

  • Fast cash

    Funds arrive quickly with MoneyGram money orders.

  • Easy to use

    No bank account or credit card required. Send using cash or debit.