Picture Postage

Use your favourite photos or designs to create personalized stamps, cards and postcards.

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  • One-of-a-kind

    Send mail that is personal and unique

  • Special

    Make your mail more memorable

  • Creative

    Use your favourite photos or designs

  • Convenient

    Create online or use our app

  • Create custom stamps and cards to make your mail unforgettable.

Personalize your mail

Create personalized stamps and cards to make your mail more unique and memorable. It’s easy to get started by uploading your favourite photo or design into one of our ready-to-use templates.


Create your own stamps

Transform a picture-perfect moment, special date, illustration or other imagery into a customized stamp for all your special events, including wedding and party invitations, birth announcements and more.

Businesses can create custom stamps with their logo or company graphics for branding or to celebrate a special business milestone.

Whatever the occasion, they’re the perfect finishing touch.

Make custom cards or postcards

Create a custom card or postcard for any occasion using our easy-to-use online tool.

  • Start with our easy-to-use templates and designs.
  • Add your favourite photo or design.
  • Include a personal message.

Use our mobile apps to capture and share your experiences

The Canada Post app makes it easy for you to create and send personalized stamps and cards from your tablet or smartphone. Use the Canada Post app to create your postcard and we’ll take care of mailing it anywhere in the world.

Choose the format and number of stamps

Pick from a variety of formats when ordering your custom stamps. Choose from full sheets of 50 stamps, perfect for large mailings such as wedding invitations, or smaller booklets of 12 stamps (minimum order of 3) to share with family and friends.

Select the postage for your mailing

We offer custom postage to meet all your mailing needs. You can order domestic (Permanent™ or oversize rate) stamps for mailing within Canada or U.S. and international stamps for mailing outside of Canada.

  • Create something unique

    Add a personal touch to any occasion with your own custom stamps.

  • Make it match

    Coordinate your stamps and stationery with your event theme and colour palette.

  • Create it anytime

    Use our app to create and send your card or postcard right when the action happens.