Postage: Stamps and meters

Build savings into the right postage mix for your business with stamps, postage meters and indicia.

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  • Mailing solutions

    Choose how your business buys postage

  • Postage stamps

    Drop stamped mail in any letter box

  • Postage meters

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  • Postal indicia

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  • Your best business postage options now come with savings.

Find the right mix of postage options at the right price

For everyday business mail or large-scale mailings, there’s a postage choice to meet your needs.

Postage stamps

Choose from convenient rolls of stamps, decorative stamp sheet issues that help recipients take notice of your business correspondence, or a single stamp. Give your mail the welcome look and feel of a personal letter when you use stamps.


Affix your stamp and drop your mail in any one of almost 900,000 mailboxes in Canada.

Relationship building

  • Stamps are associated with the personal mail that people are excited to receive.
  • Shows your customers and donors that they are valued individuals.
  • Choose from stamp images that resonate with your recipients.


The price of a stamp depends on a letter’s weight, dimensions and destination. Calculate your postage rate for a letter.

Standard letters and postcards (0 – 30 g)

Individual stamp $1.00
Booklet or roll $0.85
Individual stamp $1.20
Booklet or roll $1.20
Individual stamp $2.50
Booklet or roll $2.50
Individual stamp $1.00 $1.20 $2.50
Booklet or roll $0.85 $1.20 $2.50

How to buy

Order stamps online for delivery to your business or buy in person at one of 6,300 post offices.

Postage meters

You get up to 25% discount combined with the most flexible postage options for a business. Print exact postage for letters, parcels and even Canada Post Personalized Mail™ (formerly Addressed Admail™) right in your office. Postage meters are the quickest and easiest way for businesses to send mail and parcels, while enjoying a discount on postage for letters.

Convenient and flexible

  • From basic machines to sophisticated printers, meters give you postage on demand 24/7.
  • Businesses can print postage for letters, invoices, parcels and Personalized Mail™.
  • Drop your standard LettermailTM in one of our more than 4.2 million group mailboxes, community mailboxes or kiosks.
  • Easy to reload — do it online or call your meter supplier.

Save money and control costs

  • Enjoy discounts of up to 25% when you use metered postage, compared to single stamps.
  • No more guesswork. Save by paying exact postage every time.
  • Ideal for tracking, cost control and cost-centre accounting.

Save time and money on parcel shipping

  • Print accurate parcel postage labels conveniently in your own office.
  • Get discounts by using your meter with our Electronic Shipping Tools for parcel postage.


Save up to 25% on postage for letters and cards when you use a postage meter. Postage prices depend on an item’s dimensions, weight and destination.

Standard letters (0 – 30 g)

Canada $0.77
U.S. $1.18
International $2.27
Canada U.S. International
$0.77 $1.18 $2.27

See all rates in the postage price guide.

How to rent

There are 3 postage meter suppliers in Canada. You can choose from machines capable of handling anything from plain postage to letter and envelope addressing, printing, sorting, folding and insertion.


Get postage savings and customize your indicia to promote your businesses’ key marketing messages. Indicia is a budget-friendly business proof of postage that can be customized to create eye-catching mail pieces. Get your indicia printed on envelopes and cards at the printer’s or print your own labels for smaller or last minute mailings.

Looking for stamp prices for personal use? Find a rate.

Save money and time

  • Save up to 25% on postage costs with indicia.
  • No more time spent sticking on stamps and labels when indicia are preprinted on your envelopes.
  • DIY — Use our free, online templates to create regular or customized indicia.
  • Pay for postage on account and by credit card.

Customize your design for greater impact

  • Highlight your company’s brand, products or services in the postage area of your envelope or card.
  • Customize the indicia area for individual marketing or fundraising campaigns.


Indicia costing depends on a letter’s weight, dimensions, destination and whether it is being sent as Lettermail, Incentive Lettermail, or Personalized Mail.

See all rates in the postage price guide.

How to order

You can create and mail with your customized indicia in 5 easy steps, using your Canada Post business customer number.

Learn how to work with customized indicia.

  • Unique postage in 3 easy steps

    Download a template. Design customized indicia. Print it.

  • Save up to 25% on postage

    Businesses that use postage meters and postal indicia keep mailing costs down.