Postal Boxes

An easy and secure way to receive mail and parcels

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  • Protect your mail

    Keep mail safe and secure at all times

  • Keep your privacy

    Your home address stays confidential

  • Access mail easily

    Outlets nearby with convenient hours

  • Flexible choices

    Box sizes and rentals to meet your needs

  • Rent a Postal Box for secure, private and reliable mail delivery.

Collect your mail easily with a Postal Box

Postal Boxes are an easy and secure way to have your personal or business mail delivered. They are ideal if you travel, make frequent online purchases or have a home business. You’ll have peace of mind knowing:

  • Your mail is safe while you’re away.
  • The hours of access are convenient.
  • Your deliveries are private and held for you to pick them up.


Secure, convenient access to your mail

  • You are the only one with keys to your locked postal box.
  • Most post offices are located close by. Some offer 24 hour access or extended hours for your convenience.
  • If you shop online, your parcel is not left in your mailbox or on your doorstep where it may be vulnerable to theft.
  • You keep the same postal address, even when you move or temporarily relocate.
  • You don’t have to worry if there’s no one at home when your mail is delivered, or your mailbox is overflowing. With a Postal Box, your mail is always under lock and key.
  • It’s convenient. You can collect your mail when it best suits your schedule.

Organize and protect your business mail

  • Keep your home address private, while your business mail is safe and organized in a separate location.
  • Use different delivery boxes to pre-sort your mail for different products or projects.
  • For high volume mail, peak delivery times during the year, or high volume from special offers or promotions, use our bag or Container Service. Pick up your mail from the counter at your convenience.

Flexible options

  • You can choose different rental periods, depending on your needs: 3 months, 6 months, or a year.
  • Forward your mail to a Postal Box when you are away, using the Mail Forwarding service.

Choice of sizes

Choose from 5 different sizes for your delivery needs:

  • Small — Ideal for letter envelopes.
  • Medium — For letter, legal, and large brown envelopes.
  • Large to XX-Large — Handles virtually all size letters, envelopes, and various sized parcels.
  • Container/bag — For bulk or enterprise mail collection.

Features for commercial delivery

Whether you rent a Postal Box or a large volume container, if you are a commercial account customer you have access to additional services. Use these extra features to help manage your Postal Boxes:

  • Pay for and automatically renew Postal Boxes using your Canada Post commercial account.
  • Rent Postal Boxes at multiple Canada Post locations without having to go to the post office in person to fill out your forms.
  • Centralized billing: We can bill one or many boxes to a single or multiple accounts on your commercial invoice.
  • We can also help you track and manage your Postal Box rentals — each box can be uniquely identified on your invoice, making reconciliation easier.


Postal Box prices vary depending on the:

  • Size of your Post Office Box.
  • Location
  • Duration of the rental period (3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

View the Terms and Conditions for consumer account Postal Box rentals.

How to buy

Individuals and businesses

You can rent a Postal Box at the post office. Find a post office near you.

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Bring government-issued photo ID to the post office you choose.
  2. If you want to rent a Postal Box on behalf of someone else or pick up their mail, fill out a letter of authorization.
  3. Fill out the Postal Box rental agreement form at your post office, and make your payment using cash, debit or credit.
  4. You will need to prepay for the rental period you have chosen and bring the deposit for your keys.

Receive the keys to your Postal Box and begin using it.

Commercial customers

If you are a Canada Post commercial account customer, find out if you qualify to rent a commercial Postal Box. Contact your Canada Post Representative or the Commercial Service Network at 1-866-757-5480.

You can pay for Postal Box rentals and renewals with your commercial account number. Payment for your commercial Postal Box includes fees for an initial pair of keys (if applicable) plus taxes. View the Terms and Conditions for Postal Boxes on a Commercial Account.

  • Make life easy

    Collect your mail whenever it suits your schedule.

  • Stay organized

    Keep the same postal address even if you move.

  • Peace of mind

    Avoid an overflowing mailbox vulnerable to theft.