Postal Code Targeting

Unlocks a whole new level of effectiveness for your acquisition efforts.

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  • Generate powerful results

    Use postal code data to identify, target, and market directly to your ideal customers.

  • Maximize marketing ROI

    Optimize acquisition dollars by supressing existing customers from campaigns.

  • Enrich your own data

    Strengthen your data with Canada Post data for refined targeting to your best prospects.

  • Drive Action

    Send unique offers and promotions to households most inclined to respond.

  • Sitting on hidden marketing treasure? Your customers’ postal codes can uncover high-value prospects.

Drive action with surgically targeted messages

Now you can leverage your wealth of customer data – strengthened by Canada Post data – to target prospects at the postal code level. Deliver messages that are more relevant, more engaging and more likely to drive action.

Make your marketing dollars work harder

When you use Postal Code Targeting for acquisition, you can suppress your current customers from your marketing campaigns. This eliminates unnecessary mailings, so your budget remains dedicated to acquisition.

Get to market faster

Postal Code Targeting leverages Canada Post’s machineable mail processing so that you can:

  • Deliver quick-to-market campaigns in 3-5 business days.
  • Creatively highlight your products and services through a wide range of direct mail formats, including machineable mini catalogues.

Measure your success

See how powerful your message can be when you target only your top prospective customers. Test and learn to see the difference Postal Code Targeting can make to your campaigns.


Delivery standards are:

Local 3 days
Regional 4 days
National 5 days
3 days 4 days 5 days

Pricing and how to buy

The base rate for the service is $0.30 and you must have an active Postal Code Targeting agreement. If you do not have a Postal Code Targeting agreement number, a Canada Post representative can tell you if:

  • Your planned annual volume meets the minimum threshold.
  • Your planned annual volume qualifies for a large-volume discount.

If your business has a commercial contract with Canada Post, contact your sales representative to add Postal Code Targeting.

  • Marketing dollars work harder

    Get better marketing return on your acquisition investment.

  • Surgical targeting

    Find people by postal code who match your best customers.