Publications Mail

Reliable, cost-effective delivery of magazines, newsletters and newspapers.

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  • Postage savings

    Publications enjoy special rates.

  • Grow subscribers

    Enclosures generate new leads.

  • Clean lists

    Keep your circulation list up-to-date.

  • Reliable service

    Professional delivery across Canada.

Put your publication into your customers’ hands — at the best price

Reach every address in the country, at the best price with Publications Mail™.

Publications Mail offers special rates for magazines, newspapers and newsletters delivered in Canada.

Boost advertising revenue

Include print materials, product samples, a free copy of another publication, or add Business Reply Mail™ to generate new subscriptions.

Secure delivery

Your publications are delivered by uniformed professionals, straight into the safety and privacy of customers’ mailboxes, including apartment buildings.

Bundles of Publications Mail are easily delivered

Use bundles of unaddressed copies to deliver to your newsstands, medical offices, convenience stores and more.


Keep connected to customers

If a customer has moved and registered for Mail Forwarding, we’ll forward your publication to their new address — free of charge.

Update customer lists

Keep your customer address list current. If a publication is undeliverable due to issues such as an incomplete or invalid address, or a non-existent address, our Undeliverable Publications Mail (UPM) feature will let you know.

Choose from the weekly electronic UPM report, with the list of undeliverable addresses, or have the hard copy (including bundles of unaddressed copies) returned by mail to a Canadian address. Please call 1-800-267-7651 for details.

Value-added options

Options are available for an additional fee.

Samples and promotional novelties

Your publication can generate advertising revenue and build customer loyalty by enclosing samples and promotions such as food, small clothing items, trinkets, cosmetics, DVDs and more. Get full details here.

Co-packaged items

Use this convenient method to reach your targeted audience with co-packaged Lettermail™, Personalized Mail™, books, invoices, voting ballots, other publications and more.

Time-committed delivery

  • If you send a minimum of 20 issues per year, you may request “time-committed" service.
  • Get your publication delivered 1 day faster for local and provincial mailings, and 2 days faster when sending nationally.
  • Call us at 1-866-757-5480 for details.

Manage your account online

Use our tools to create your order online and prepare your mailing with our free Online Business Centre or EST Online (desktop).

How to save when preparing a mailing

You can save postage on a minimum of 50 pieces (going to Canadian addresses) by preparing and/or sorting your publication before depositing your mailing.

Avoid surcharges — arrange to have your mailing verified to ensure it meets mailing standards. Talk to a commercial services network representative at 1-866-757-5480.

Delivery guidelines

Expect to see your mail delivered within (although distance and weather may affect delivery times):

Local 3 business days
Within province 4 to 5 business days
National 4 to 8 business days
LocalWithin provinceNational

3 business days

4 to 5 business days

4 to 8 business days


The price of your Publications Mail items will depend on:

  • Number of pieces being mailed.
  • Size and weight.
  • Destination addresses.
  • How you prepare and sort your mailing.

View Publications Mail pricing.

How to buy

1. To sign up for a Publications Mail agreement number call 1-866-757-5480.

2. Create your order (statement of mailing) online with EST Online, our free electronic mailing tool.

3. Drop your mailing off at one of our many approved deposit locations. You can automatically select the closest facility when you create your Publications Mail order using our EST Online tool.

4. Please bring a sample of your publication, complete with all enclosures, attachments and wrappings when you deposit your mailing.

Contact your Canada Post sales or service representative to take full advantage of Publications Mail’s ability to generate leads and build advertising revenue.

  • Direct to every Canadian mailbox

    Reach every mailbox in Canada directly with the nation’s largest delivery network.

  • A postal depot is always near

    Multiple Canada Post facilities can accept and process your Publications Mail items.

  • Professional delivery provides peace of mind

    Your publication receives secure delivery by a trained professional anywhere in Canada.

  • Clean up your mailing list

    Update address lists using the Undeliverable Publications Mail report and Canada Complete services. 

  • Add Business Reply Mail to increase responses

    Convenient for customers and you only pay for postage when customers respond to your message.

  • Cost effective national mail delivery

    The most economical way to mail your publication nationally.