Ship From Store

Deliver directly from store to shoppers’ door

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  • Deliver faster

    Fulfill orders from any point in your retail network, reducing customer wait times.

  • Better manage inventory

    Reduce markdowns by shipping excess inventory to where demand is greater.

  • Save the sale

    You’re never out of stock when you can use inventory from another store.

  • Reduce shipping costs

    Save on shipping when you ship strategically from stores near your shoppers.

Ship From Store gives you
a competitive edge

Let us help your customers flow effortlessly between the digital and physical world. With Ship From Store:

  • You don’t need a warehouse to sell online – we will help turn your stores into mini distribution centres.
  • Purchases get to customers faster! When you ship from your closest in-stock location, our delivery times are shorter and shipping costs go down.
  • Customer satisfaction goes up, increasing retention and leading to future sales.

Exceed customer expectations
by leveraging your retail outlets

Fulfill orders quickly and cost-effectively from any point in your retail network. Our unparalleled access and robust delivery network mean you can extend your reach and provide your customers from coast to coast with incomparable convenience.

How Ship From Store works

  • When a customer places an order, it is assigned to your best fulfillment location using customizable rules.

  • Trained staff pick and pack orders and easily print shipping labels.

  • Canada Post picks up the items in-store and takes care of the delivery.

  • Customers get hassle-free returns. You effortlessly manage cross-channel returns thanks to our flexible return capabilities.

How you get started

You have 2 options:

Purchase off-the-shelf software from one of our approved solution providers. They’ll help you easily connect your inventory to your point-of-sale software and print shipping labels.

Integrate label printing into your point-of-sale system yourself. This option is well suited to businesses with experienced IT staff with expertise in web services.

We’ll work with you to select the best option and help you set up your Ship From Store program.

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Did you know?

47% of North American retailers report that their Ship From Store program has resulted in higher online revenue.*

*Forrester Research

  • Canada’s preferred e-commerce shipper

    We deliver more parcels than any other carrier in Canada.

  • Reach every Canadian customer

    We are the only company that can deliver to all 15.7 million addresses in Canada.

  • Canada’s largest retail network

    Our nearly 6,300 post offices expand your reach and offer shoppers convenience and choice.

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