Advanced Targeting Solutions

Smartmail Marketing increases the effectiveness of your message by using data to target the right customers in the right locations.

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  • Accurate

    Target using wide range of variables

  • Effective

    Increase campaign response and ROI

  • Flexible

    Solutions for basic or complex campaigns

  • Comprehensive

    Unique insights on 15.5 million addresses

  • Smartmail Marketing maximizes your message’s impact using advanced targeting solutions.

Use Smartmail Marketing to target and engage high-potential consumers

Are you a single location shop? Perhaps you operate a nationwide franchise? No matter your business size, Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM direct marketing solutions can help attract new customers to your business. You’ll get the best response for your campaign when you know who your customers are and where to find them.

Canada Post Advanced Targeting Solutions helps you connect with your best prospects.

We can help you:

  • Profile your ideal customer.
  • Locate the delivery areas to reach them.
  • Calculate how many mail pieces you’ll need.
  • Narrow down your audience from general to specific characteristics such as age, living accommodations, and even drive time.

Get in-depth insights with Smartmail Marketing™ targeting solutions

Do you have complex targeting needs, such as multiple or overlapping delivery regions, or need custom segmentation of your target audience?

Our Advanced Targeting Solutions team can help you. We use comprehensive information sources such as proprietary Canada Post data, to help you define and find your target customers.

Understand your customers

Advanced Targeting Solutions can create a comprehensive customer profile based on lifestyle characteristics, including purchasing behaviour and activities.

Target your ideal customer based on detailed variables such as:

  • Geography (for example, driving time or distance to your business, street, neighbourhoods, postal codes, cities or towns).
  • Demographics (age, family, building type, education, income, household size, employment status, ethnicity, marital status).
  • Lifestyle characteristics (interests, opinions, spending habits, activities, automotive information).
  • Ecommerce purchasers.
  • Movers.
  • Business variables (number of employees, annual revenue, industry).

Improve the reach of your Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ (formerly Unaddressed Admail™)

Our geographic information system (GIS) experts have access to Canada’s most comprehensive and up-to-date data. We can give you valuable insights about your market, trade area, customers and more. You’ll get a report with:

  • Your trade area.
  • High-potential delivery routes.
  • The closest postal stations where you can deposit your mail.
  • A file that you can import directly into our Electronic Shipping Tool (EST) for managing your Smartmail Marketing campaign.

Smartmail Marketing helps target the neighbours of your best customers

Do you already target your customers with direct mail? Use Canada Post Personalized Mail™ (formerly Addressed Admail™) to target the neighbours of your best customers, while filtering out the customers themselves. Our Advance Targeting Services can help with new leads.

See the demographic profile in your trade area

Opening a new location? We can give you the demographic makeup of the area, so you can tailor your marketing creative and offers accordingly.

Do it yourself with Precision Targeter

Do you already know your target audience and region? Use our free Precision Targeter™  online tool to find the best local or regional area for your Neighbourhood Mail™ campaign.

Pricing and how to buy

Pricing for Advanced Targeting Solutions depends on the scope of your project.

For more information and to order, call our Targeting Solutions client service representative at 1-877-281-4137.

  • Access up-to-date data

    Canada Post has the most comprehensive database available for over 15.5 million Canadian addresses.

  • Get Smartmail Marketing expertise

    We offer direct mail advice on how to build awareness, drive response and increase campaign ROI.

  • Target Canadian movers

    Get exclusive access to 1 million movers before and after the move through smartmoves™.