Neighbourhood Mail (formerly Unaddressed AdmailTM)

Find new customers with your marketing and special offers

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Reach your target customers and grow sales

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ finds exactly the right customers for your business. Choose your delivery areas with the help of targeting options that include geographic, age, education and lifestyle information.

Create a successful Smartmail Marketing campaign

Deliver offers that get results from your customer base. Neighbourhood Mail cuts through the clutter and makes all your other marketing tactics work even harder.

The sky’s the limit to your creativity. Craft your offer and then use Neighbourhood Mail to deliver almost any shaped item. You can even use non-paper materials like wood, plastic, leather, scented advertising mail and samples. Send:

  • flyers
  • cards
  • samples
  • catalogues
  • items with unique shapes and materials

Find your target customers with Precision Targeter

No customer list? No problem. Use our Precision Targeter™ online tool to create your ideal target audience in 5 easy steps. Choose variables such as:

  • Driving distance from your business.
  • Age, gender, marital status and whether children live in the residence.
  • Income, education and occupation.
  • Houses, apartments, farms and businesses.

Try out as many variations as you want before picking your final delivery areas — find the combination that works for your business needs.

The mailbox delivers great ROI

The mailbox is one of marketing’s least cluttered channels — helping to deliver high response rates and good return on investment.

  • 75% of consumers have made a purchase1 as a result of direct mail.
  • Advertisements in the mailbox are effective at driving online purchases – 47% of Canadians visited a company website2 as a result of a marketing piece they received in the mail.
  • Canada Post delivers to every mailbox in Canada – put your message directly into your customers’ hands.

1Response Rate 2012 Report, Direct Marketing Association
2Direct Mail Omnibus, CPC #12-220, January 2013

Get expert help

Tap into additional marketing know-how and technical expertise for any and every aspect of your direct mail campaign. Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing partners can save you time and help make your mailing even more effective.


Delivery standards vary by the origin, destination, weight, size and mailing options of your Neighbourhood Mail items. Find the exact delivery standards so that you can plan your marketing campaign’s timing for the most profitable results.

Pricing and how to buy

The price you will pay for your Neighbourhood Mail campaign depends on the size, weight, delivery options and number of items you want delivered.

Without a Canada Post customer number

You can bring your Neighbourhood Mail mailing to any retail postal outlet and pay at the time of mailing. For help with mail preparation issues or creating an order, visit our support page. You will need to fill out 2 forms at the post office, provide a sample copy, and will pay non-contract postage.

Receipt Verification Units (RVU) and Commercial Deposit Centres (CDC) are not equipped to help customers with mail preparation or order creation issues.

Solutions for Small Business

Join the free program that offers your business time-saving tools, value-added offers and up to 15% off Neighbourhood Mail.

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Commercial contract customers

If your business has a commercial contract with Canada Post, use the payment option defined at the time the contract was signed.

If you don’t currently have a contract but plan on sending more than 100,000 mail pieces within the next 12 months, you may qualify for volume discounts. Contact your sales representative or call 1-866-511-3136 for more details.

Neighbourhood Mail price per item (non-contract)

Weight Up to 50 g
Standard 16.0¢
Oversize 17.3¢

Weight Over 50 g up to 100 g
Standard 18.1¢
Oversize 19.7¢

Weight Over 100 g
Standard 27.4¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g
Oversize 28.6¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g
Up to 50 g 16.0¢ 17.3¢
Over 50 g up to 100 g 18.1¢ 19.7¢
Over 100 g 27.4¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g 28.6¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g


Transportation Option
Standard 1.0¢
Oversize 1.0¢

Specified delivery start date Option
Standard 1.0¢
Oversize No charge
Transportation 1.0¢ 1.0¢
Specified delivery start date 1.0¢ No charge

The campaign results, especially the 412% lift in mobile traffic to our website, far exceeded our expectations.

Baseer Khudayar, Owner of Zelen Shoes.

  • Reach every mailbox in Canada — or just one route

    Get access to every home or business mailing address in Canada—or zero in with Precision Targeting.

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    Save up to 15% on Neighbourhood Mail with Solutions for Small Business. 

  • Reliable delivery at a great price

    It’s a cost effective way to get your promotional message straight into customers’ hands. 

  • Achieve high return on investment

    Direct mail response rates are up to 30 times1 higher than email.

    1 Direct Marketing Association, Bizo, Epsilon, 2012