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Christmas: The Nativity Scene


more information about Antonio Caruso, visit The site also contains... display. About the sculptor Antonio Caruso (born in Italy on March 28, 1951) studied at... stamp featuring a sculpture of the infant Jesus. Created by renowned Italian-Canadian sculptor Antonio...

Madonna and Child


-Canadian sculptor Antonio Caruso, whose artworks are found in private collections, museums, cathedrals and... churches in North America and Europe. “We featured some of Caruso’s miniature wood prototypes on our 2008....” Designer Joe Gault notes that Caruso’s spectacular sculptures are well-suited to stamp design. “It’s so...

Christmas: The Nativity


Italian-Canadian sculptor Antonio Caruso. Gault found what he was looking for in Caruso's series of... more about Antonio Caruso and his work, visit 6 colours Tagging: General, 4 sides Quantity: 24,000,000 : Antonio Caruso...