"How can I cut shipping costs?"

If you're a small business that depends on shipping products or documents to customers, you'll be happy to know there are many simple ways to cut your shipping costs. As Canada's largest delivery network, we're excited to share the inside scoop on savings that can really add up for your business.

Raise revenues and pass on the costs

Free shipping offers are so common in the world of e-commerce, customers have come to expect it as a given. The question is, how can you afford it?

'FREE Shipping' starburst

One strategy is to offer standard shipping for free only when customers spend over a designated amount. The key is to set that amount at a price that encourages customers to increase their average spend – by enough to cover your shipping costs.

Customers who choose a premium shipping option already expect to pay extra for faster service. This means you can pass all the shipping costs directly on to them.

Pack products tighter

How much you pay to ship a parcel depends on both its weight and size. That's why you should always pack your products in as small a box as possible.

Here's an example of how reducing your package size by 2 cm could save you 8% on shipping with Canada Post.

Parcel measuring 29 cm x 29 cm x 29 cm costs $19.18 compared to parcel measuring 27 cm x 27 cm x 27 cm which costs $17.65, a savings of 8%

Avoid paying residential surcharges

Have you been billed a "residential surcharge" for shipping? Many shipping services charge this fee, but not Canada Post.

We don't need to charge extra for delivering to residential areas – it's a core part of who we are and what we do. Ship with Canada Post and save up to $2.75 per package in surcharges for residential delivery.

Save on shipping

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You can save up to 34% on domestic and up to 47% on international shipping*.

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