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Receiving / Mail Delivery

How do I stop receiving advertising mail?

To stop getting unaddressed advertising, simply put a note on your mailbox stating that you do not wish to receive Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™(formerly Unaddressed Admail). Place the note in or on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box.

Still receiving advertising mail?

If you continue to receive unaddressed advertising after you have placed the note on your mailbox, fill out the form below to create a service ticket. We’ll investigate the issue.

What we can stop delivering

At your request, we can stop delivering most unaddressed advertising, such as:

  • Coupons, flyers.
  • Free newspapers, magazines, catalogues.
  • Municipal service notices, such as snow removal and garbage pickup information.

What we cannot stop delivering

We cannot stop delivery of items distributed by someone other than Canada Post.

We are required to deliver:

  • Some community newspapers.
  • Mail from the House of Commons, provincial and municipal electoral offices and Elections Canada.

Any addressed mail, including addressed advertising materials.

Do you still need help?

Please use this form to create a service ticket to report this problem.


Are you a business? Create a business service ticket.