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Create artwork for your Business Reply Mail envelopes, and track your BRM results cards and labels right from your desktop.

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Create artwork for your Business Reply Mail™ envelopes, cards and labels with our convenient BRM Artwork online tool, and track the results of your BRM mailing.

Business Reply Mail artwork tool

Use our online tool to help you meet all the formatting standards for mailing dimensions and service type. You’ll be able to design your items so that they meet the essential Business Reply Mail elements.  
You can also store your artwork files online and send secure copies directly to your commercial printer.

  • Envelopes:  Ideal for when your customers want to send confidential information, applications, payments or donations.
  • Cards: The perfect direct response vehicle when confidentiality is a lesser concern.
  • Labels: Use labels with domestic and international Business Reply Mail service.

Business Reply Mail reporting tool

When you send out your mailing, be sure to track the status of your mail items.  Use our Business Reply Mail reporting tool to access information on your incoming Business Reply mailings. Fast, easy and accurate, you can get what you need right from your desktop.

Generate reports

Generate reports on your Business Reply Mail as they are processed through our sorting plants across the country with our easy-to-use tool. You’ll be able to:

  • Reconcile the items that you receive.
  • Plan for items that are coming your way.
  • View your report online or download it for further analysis.

BRM daily counts report

This report displays by date, by order number and by campaign. You will receive a count of all Business Reply Mail items that had a final scan at the mail processing plant. Sign in

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